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Putting your goals and the security of your lifestyle
−not the stock market−
at the center of your personal Lifetime financial plan

Goals-based planning, investing, and retirement income management


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Lifetime planning for retirement income is a specialty that creates a life long savings, investment, and risk management plan to meet your lifetime goals and securely fund your retirement.

This is a continuing series of posts on retirement planning and income management.

Properly implemented, a smart Social Security and pension benefits strategy can add tens of thousands of dollars to your lifetime income while taking some pressure off of your personal retirement savings.

As a retirement income specialist, I write a continuing series of posts on maximizing your Social Security benefits.


The Lifetime Financial Planning Process

Understanding Your Personal Balance Sheet

I start by taking a clear snapshot of where you are today, your income, spending, debts, savings, major assets like real estate and vehicles, investments, trusts, corporate ownership or partnerships, etc. Understanding your total financial resources is the starting point for creating a full lifecycle financial plan.

Planning for Major Future Purchases

I identify your planned major future purchases and distinguish needs from wants—real estate, tuition, weddings, travel, business ventures, cars and boats, collectibles, etc. These create peaks and valleys in your spending that can affect your lifestyle.

Insurance–Managing Risk

I survey your insurance plans for life, liability, disability, health, and long-term care. I analyze how your current coverage aligns with future needs and make any recommended changes as part of your financial plan.

Becoming an Efficient, Prudent Investor

Keeping a sharp eye on taxes, I look at  your current investment allocation and design an investment policy statement that aligns your goals with your personal balance sheet and the prudent level of risk you can live with.

Maintaining Your Lifestyle

Building a steady income stream is essential as a floor to support your lifestyle in retirement. I analyze the statistically probable growth of your total economic resources to ensure that you are safely on course.

Taxes and Estate Planning Review

The current estate tax exemption expires at the end of 2012. Regardless of what rates take effect in 2013, estate planning is critical for managing both your own retirement spending and the transfer of your economic resources to your heirs.

Monitoring and Reviewing Your Plan Progress

Your full lifecycle financial plan is your roadmap as your resources, needs and wants change throughout your life. I’ll send you reports often, check up on you frequently, and sit down and review your progress with you once or twice a year, as makes best sense for you. You can access and update your plan online anytime.

Powerful Planning Tools

I use powerful software tools to analyze and construct your total financial resource plan. The financial planning and portfolio optimizer tools use Monte Carlo-style statistical analysis of thousands of outcomes to produce probability ranges for risk-return and income stream analysis.

The portfolio tools use both historical data and forward-looking projections of individual securities as input to Monte Carlo modeling.

You can securely access reports and what-if calculators on-line, so you can interact with your financial plan when it is convenient to you.

While no one can guarantee future performance, these tools provide the basis for your plan and portfolio that has a statistical probability of being well-suited to your goals. Please see the disclosure in the website footer for more information about the risk of loss all investing entails.



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